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Each week College Scoops shares interesting articles we have read throughout the week about life in college, tips for college freshman, college admissions, college tours, parenting advice, campus gear, collegiate wear, dorm room decor, care packages, deals on textbooks, test prep advice, how to win a scholarship, and resources to help you with your college essay. As your son or daughter prepares for the college planning process, college visits, or freshman year, College Scoops is here to provide guidance, advice, and resources from experts in the field. As your son or daughter prepares for college visits, here are some helpful tips to prepare. As for parents, the college planning process can and will be stressful at various points of the process. However, allowing your child to take the lead is not only important during the short term but it will effectively set the stage for how they handle the …



My youngest son is entering junior year so we are starting the college visit process for the third and last time. It is bittersweet for me as I really enjoy my time on the road with my kids exploring new areas. I am sharing this advice with my son as he prepares for his college visits. Asking the right type of questions will help students find the right fit at colleges. To the extent students are conveying how they are the best candidate for a particular college, it is equally important for students to “interview” colleges to make sure the college is a good match for the student where they will thrive during their academic tenure. This “bird-dogging” article will set your son or daughter up for the type of questions to ask on your next college visit.


Parents, this is a great article for all of us. I know we all get excited to help our kids throughout life whether it is with academics, athletics, or social situations. However, the college application process is one area where “our help” could jeopardize our child's application. Students need to “drive the bus” in order to be successful not only in the college application process but in life in general.


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