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Teaching High School and College Students Financial Literacy

Each week College Scoops shares interesting articles we have read throughout the week about life in college, tips for college students, college admissions, or parenting tips.

During the summer months take some time out to talk to your high school and college students about finances and how to budget. Providing helpful tips to our children to learn how to manage their finances, establish a budget or set up a bank account are important life long skills. High schools are starting to offer financial literacy classes as many students struggle with these basic concepts. This week we read several articles about how North Carolina and Rhode Island are approaching financial literacy in high schools and what teachers think about it.

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As parents, we strive to help our children as they navigate every stage of their lives. We encourage our children to work hard and it will pay off but that is not always the case. How our children handle each failure or disappointment is the real test to how they will succeed going forward.


As we jump into the summer months, what does your summer reading list look like? Any suggestions? I am reading Bad Blood and I can't put the book down. We would love to hear what you are reading so send us a book or two to add to our list at –  hello@collegescoops.com.


Happy Reading!

Teach your children financial literacy so he/she won't struggle financially. See how important it is to teach high school kids and students how to manage their money. College Scoops - College Trips Made Easy #colleges #university #collegetrips #applytouniversity #application #admission #collegeadmission #students #finance #financialliteracy #money #moneylesson Teaching High School and College Students Financial Literacy


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