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Tips for College Freshman

Each week College Scoops shares interestingĀ articles we have read throughout the week about life in college, tips for college freshman, college admissions, college tours, parenting advice, campus gear, collegiate wear, dorm room decor, care packages, how to win a scholarship, deals on textbooks, test prep advice, hotel reservations, resources to help you with your college essay. As your son or daughter prepares for the college planning process, college visits, or freshman year, College Scoops is here to provide guidance, advice, and resources from experts in the field. tips for college freshman


Did you just return from a college drop-off? How did it go? My husband and I had to divide and conquer as our son and daughter had the same move-in days. My husband drove south and I ventured north. We shared photos of their dorms, roommates, and the food we ate along the way. If you have a favorite college drop-off photo to share please send it to As your student prepares for the start of the school year, share these 22 Tips for College Freshman by Glenn Geher with them. Glenn provides helpful tips for college students to ensure they get a jump start on the new academic year.


My son goes crazy when he finds something in our refrigerator that is one day past the expiration date. I laugh and always add, just drink it, you will be fine!Ā I was thrilled to read a story about a team of college students at the University of Michigan who are working to help reduce food waste especially when it comes to spoiled milk. If you find an interesting article to share send it to us at


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