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Episode 83: The Comeback Kid

July 27, 2021

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Starting a business is never easy. It takes a lot of time, boundless amounts of energy, and patience. Adam Shlomi, founder of SoFlo SAT Tutoring and a Georgetown University graduate, shares his experience starting a business with the College Scoops community. Adam will provide advice to students eager to learn more about the difficult yet rewarding process of entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways:

  • SoFlo works to provide accessible and affordable test preparation services for prospective college students
  • The internet is a wonderful academic resource for students, as demonstrated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the transition to online learning
  • Being fully remote helped SoFlo expand its opportunities and hiring abilities
  • The conventional hiring process (i.e cover letters, in-person interviews) is flawed in some ways, thus SoFlo strives to improve this by getting potential employees excited about the work they will do
  • Student entrepreneurs that are interested in starting their own business should be aware that building a solid customer base is vital for any company to succeed
  • Think less, and do more; an entrepreneur can begin the process of ‘doing more’ by making a user-friendly and appealing website for customers to explore and utilize
  • SoFlo offers a scholarship program that allows students to participate in SAT tutoring classes free of charge
  • For some, working on projects may be more important than networking when starting a company

Important Resources and Links:

Meet Adam Shlomi

SoFlo Tutors

Adam Shlomi is the founder of SoFlo SAT Tutoring. He went to Georgetown University, scored 1570/1600 on the SAT, and now SoFlo annually helps thousands of students. SoFlo offers online SAT/ACT Prep to students around the world. They have 100 tutors on their team. When Adam founded SoFlo a little more than two years ago he was bedridden recovering from ankle surgery with doctors saying he may never walk again. 

Thank you Adam Shlomi for joining us today to share your story as an entrepreneur. Starting a business while in college is not easy but you had a mission. and to help educate the College Scoops community about your company, SoFlo SAT Tutoring. SoFlo provides accessible and affordable test preparation services to thousands of students. Starting a company may seem like a daunting task, but with the advice, Adam provided us today one can ease their way into the entrepreneurial world. Remember to ‘think less and do more’ when starting a business. If you have a business venture that you are eager to pursue, put your best foot forward and begin your journey today.

You can find all of our show notes and links to the helpful resources mentioned throughout over conversation on our website at collegescoops.com/podcast. You can learn more about Adam on his website SoFlo Tutors. Please take a couple of minutes to rate, review and subscribe to CS.

Episode 83 Full Transcript

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