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Saving Money on College Visits

Each week College Scoops shares interesting articles we have read throughout the week about life in college, tips for college freshman, college admissions, college tours, parenting advice, campus gear, collegiate wear, dorm room decor, care packages, how to win a scholarship, deals on textbooks,test prep, and resources to help you with your college essay. As your son or daughter prepares for the college planning process, college visits, or freshman year, College Scoops is here to provide guidance, advice, and resources from experts in the field. If you read an article (or wrote an article) you would like to share, please send it to and our team will review it for our blog.


College Visits


As September comes to a close, college visits are ramping up for high school students and their parents. Are you wondering if it is worth it to visit a campus? Read article, Saving Money, and Your Sanity, on College Visits (Hint: Resist the Swag) and start planning your next college visit.


Why do students take a Gap Year? What do students actually gain from taking this time “off” before starting their college adventure?¬† We loved reading this article by Jerrica H. Li, Harvard Class of 2021, as she shared her story as to why a Gap Year was the right move for her and maybe you.


We love sharing stories and information from other experts in the field. Lee Norwood of Annapolis College Consulting shared a fun YouTube Video, Dorm Room Reveals, with us in case you are heading to parents weekend and you want to surprise your student with something new and fun for their dorm room.


Dorm Room Decor


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