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We love hearing from families who used College Scoops as a helpful tool when planniing or attending college.

advice to parents of college students

“As a mother of three college-bound kids who loves to travel, College SCOOPS has been an amazing resource and fun to read as we started our college search. I love the great travel tips for families and my kids adore the sweet stops along the way. I also enjoy the more sophisticated and gourmet options for adults when visiting during parents weekend. College SCOOPS has made our college visits a time to remember and it is my first point of reference before visiting any college campus.”

The Capitolos, CA

“…perfect opportunity to gather real-time information from students and parents in a concentrated way.”

John, Dad of two and ebook subscriber

 “College Scoops…… best ever. Great advice on getting involved at college. We are huge fans of College Scoops and encourage all of our families to use their college guides when visiting schools – they tell you where to eat, sleep, play, and of course, eat!”

Lee, Founder of Annapolis College Consulting

advice to parents of college students

“I am the vacation planner in my family. I love to research lodging options, fun activities and unique places to dine when planning a college visit. College SCOOPS was my go-to resource for all the hot spots! Although I have visited Savannah several times, I was introduced to my most favorite place, Back in the Day Bakery, by Moira. She has a knack for finding off-the-beaten-path gems. Her enthusiasm to share all the best finds is contagious. Can’t wait to see where College Scoops goes next!”

The Petersens, NJ

“My son and I dissected the College Scoops guide on our drive to campus. It was a great way to engage my son in a conversation about college life.”

Lynne, Mom of three and ebook subscriber

Best College Tips

“Although we have three in college, we have three more to go! Our three children in college are student ambassadors for College SCOOPS as they know what it was like touring college campuses without the inside scoops. I have known Moira for over 20+ years and she has always been adventurous in finding the best places to eat in any city we visit. She has a knack for finding places off the beaten path and introducing us to excursions we would not have known about without her diligent research. If you are planning any visits to colleges soon, College Scoops should be on your reading list!”

The Semprevivos, NY

“College Scoops is a gamechanger in the college search process and a valuable resource for families.”

Amy, Founder of Power Hour Editing

“As a mom of four children three of whom are in college already, I wish I had College SCOOPS when I was a newbie planning college visits with my first son as it would have saved me time and energy researching the go-to places around campus. What better way to visit a school than through the stomach of an 18-year-old boy! Now with my youngest son getting ready to start his next adventure, we have used College SCOOPS as a valuable resource for anything college related. My youngest son especially likes to use the College SCOOPS guides at his sibling's schools as they are the College SCOOPS student ambassadors.”

The Jundanians, MD

“College SCOOPS is mandatory reading for any high school student going through the college process.”

Max, Indiana University student

“When I started looking at colleges with my daughter several years ago, more than once we were aimlessly searching for a late-night dinner spot after pulling into town. It was haphazard at best. College SCOOPS is the resource we are using the second time around. College visits can be exhausting and overwhelming, and we have absolutely benefited from the tips and recommendations we are finding on College SCOOPS. It never fails – we always find good food and get a better feel for the student community and the on- and off-campus vibes. In addition, it’s worth noting that College SCOOPS is chock full of other great content having to do with the college process – admissions, applications, essays and testing, the decision-making process, and first-year adjustment concerns.”

The Berners, WY

“I have been listening to your podcasts and find them to be quite interesting and informative. My oldest daughter is a high school senior and weighing several offers.I am walking through the process with her. Thanks for providing quality information to students and parents who are making decisions about college, including transferring. This is a subject that seems to be difficult to navigate, and overwhelming at times.”

Mark, Parent and Podcast Listener

“When I travel I like to eat like the locals. College SCOOPS is a delightful site which finds the best sweets, treats and food experiences around college campuses. With four kids in college, I wish College SCOOPS was around when we started looking at schools four years ago. However, now when we visit our girls, we know where to go and what to see which has made each and every visit extra special. Getting the inside scoops on where to eat and stay makes college tripping easier than ever. No matter where your college search may lead you, be sure to make College SCOOPS your first stop.”

The Burkes, NY

 “I absolutely love what you're doing at College Scoops, and personally you have made my life so much easier on college trips with our children”.

Elizabeth, Founder of College Success Plan

“College SCOOPS (Sweet Travels) is a labor of love mixing Moira’s passion for food and travel with her attention to detail and photographic talents. Moira’s College (City) Guides lead you to not only the best food and drink on and around campuses but also provide a lot of fun, laughs and new discoveries along the way! After accompanying Moira on one of her culinary adventures, I can attest to the quality of her recommendations. College Scoops (Sweet Travels) is a must-read for anyone on the road visiting colleges who loves to explore and eat!”

The Kettlewells, MA

“Going on a college tour, it is important to take the time to introduce your future college student to the overall vibe and atmosphere of the town they will live in, not just the campus itself. It is great to have a short list on College SCOOPS of the best places that are submitted by local college students themselves. It is handy to pull it up on your phone as you explore, and easy to navigate. If you go to one of the suggested off campus pit stops, chances are, it will be more fun and feel more authentic for your student to go to a peer-recommended place than one that Mom or Dad has simply Googled.”

The Fundas, MA

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