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2020 reflections

Our Top 8 Videos, Podcasts and Blog Posts of 2020 – A Year in Review

2020 – Oh What a Year! It was a challenging year for all in so many ways – physically and mentally. As a small business owner, COVID-19 really tested each and every one of us at College Scoops. Not only did we adapt, but our team came together to innovate and launch a series of new products and services to help families as they navigate getting to know colleges from afar. 

We were busier than ever as we listened, adapted, and innovated to provide timely, impactful, and meaningful content to families, educational consultants, college counselors, and other experts in the parenting and college space. 


Here’s a quick recap for 2020:

NJ Family Mompreneur


  • eBooks: Released over 90 Interactive college-specific eBooks highlighting the inside scoops on where students like to study, explore, work out, or eat on and around campus. Students provide their advice and tips for incoming freshmen and detail why they choose their particular colleges. Our Student Ambassadors include their personal experiences going through the college selection process, what they wish they had known, parent tips on how to get to know a school, the most popular courses, and an at-a-glance overview of Greek life, sports clubs and teams, and admissions statistics. Our eBooks are a great resource as well for parents whether they are making plans for student orientation, parent’s weekend, graduation, or just a visit.  

college fit

  • Student Q&A Videos: Produced over 35 Student Q&A Videos with an additional 15 videos in production for 2/2021. Our lead student ambassadors and interns are committed to helping students and families get a better feel and vibe of the student community through their honest and upfront testimonials. Our University of Richmond video was the most-watched video with over 1100 views!


  • Podcasts: Launched a podcast series to share topical, comprehensive discussions with professionals and experts in the college experience. A total of 57 podcasts were released in 7 months and we have 12 episodes already scheduled through March 2021.


2020 Top Podcasts


  • Blog: Valuable and timely information from experts in the field. Our top blog posts included Top 13 Questions to ask in a College Interview, Prepping for College Interviews, How to Develop your Academic Interests, How to Store College Belongings, Lessons Learned from a Medical Emergency, Create a Passion Project, and What We Read. 


  • Internship Program: College Scoops is committed to helping college students obtain valuable and meaningful work experience. Our internship program has grown over the last year from 3 to 10 interns. We work with students to develop their skills in digital marketing, content creation, video, and podcast production.


As I reflect back on the year, I have a flurry of emotions as a small business owner, parent, and daughter. There are success stories and accomplishments that make me proud. There are challenges I have overcome and some that I am still working on, and there have been lessons learned. Both personally and professionally, I am grateful for the friends, family, colleagues, and CS community who have helped me throughout the year. It was a year that required more teamwork, perseverance, grit, acceptance, patience, and kindness than ever before with a lot less judgment. 


Thank you to everyone out there who supported College Scoops and helped us grow and develop our team, content, and offerings. To Mark Greenquist and Gil Poulsen, thank you for your patience, guidance, and never-ending support. To our intern team – Megan, Alivia, Curran, Noelle, Anna, Serena, Abbey, Cyrus, Alex, Lee, Priyanka, and Lexi for your hard work, energy and smiles helping us crank out valuable content each and every week. To our subject matter experts and advisors – Patrick, Mary Allen, Dave, and Jordan – some of you have been with me since Day One. To our social media team members, Megan, Betty, and Cindy, you guys make it look so simple! And to all the student ambassadors who have shared their stories, favorite places on and around campus, and their communities with us. You guys all rock! Here’s to closing out 2020 and crushing it in 2021!


Happy Holidays and all the best for a happy, healthy, and safe New Year!



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