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May 1, 2020

Some Good News (Thank you John Krasinksi) in April

March and April were all about adapting, letting go, and thinking on your feet. Many of us have had to adapt our business models, learn to do more with less, and focus on how we can help our family and community deal with an unprecedented and difficult time. The new masked task of food shopping, the reorganizing of our homes to meet our WFH new normal, staying healthy with our ‘no gym required’ workout routine, and reinventing how we keep those family and friend relationships fun, have all made these times filled with unforgettable experiences. We continue to learn new ways to communicate, collaborate, and be successful in every aspect of our lives. Our family definitely had our share of living, learning, and working experiences in April. Some fo the “simple” things in life are now more of an adventure relating to the images above.

For example:

Food Shopping: I went food shopping for the 1st time since COVID-19 (our younger son had been charged with this task for the last month) and it truly was an “adventure”. I realized after waiting in line to enter the store that my shopping list was purely a wish list now which I would have to quickly adjust based on the offerings on hand. Forget those extra-large containers of oatmeal or peanut butter we were accustomed to and just be happy with the new brand you discovered in the smaller size. When I returned home, I found my younger son and apologized to him. I realized on his last 6 visits what an accomplishment it was for him, and anyone shopping nowadays, to leave with any resemblance of what you set out to purchase. I love to experiment in the kitchen and the blueberry protein muffins in the photo above are the result of one of the many baking sessions. The protein in the blueberry muffins is cricket powder. A great source of protein and my kids never tasted the difference or knew of my experiment!

Family Shows: My kids love the office, I love Jack Ryan. The common theme is John Krasinksi. A fun way to start or end the week is watching SGN or our College Scoops Virtual College Experience videos. What is your go-to family movie? We finished Tiger King and Unorthodox, now onto Peaky Blinders.

Fit mind. Fit body: Our family room is now the “home gym”. Without any proper gym equipment (yes everyone had the same idea around the same time), my sons were very creative in pulling together large coolers (for dips and decline pushups), resistance bands, and heavy objects for lifting (I do not even want to know what they are using). The rest of us are biking, walking, and running to keep us not only fit but sane as well. 

I hope you and your family found time to laugh and enjoy some of the nuances of life as we now know it. Take a moment and enjoy this quick read by Julia Shiplett for a good laugh – Sorry I Couldn’t Talk During Quarantine.

To all the high school and college students, good luck on your exams.

Congratulations to all the seniors on your accomplishments and hard work given this unsettling environment. Keep smiling, continue to reach out and connect with your friends, and take this “opportunity” to do something you never had the time to in the past.

“You are our most enduring legacy.”
Sheri Evert, Chancellor Appalachian State University
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