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University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 10,000 undergraduate and 11,000 graduate students. It’s a private university and is one of the eight Ivy League universities. Philadelphia has it all; arts, culture, sports, and food all within a short distance from campus.

“Since 1895, the University of Pennsylvania has hosted the Penn Relays, an amateur track and field competition.”

Notable Alumni

  • Elon Musk – Engineer/CEO of SpaceX
  • John Legend – Singer
  • Tory Burch – Fashion Designer/CEO of Tory Burch
  • Dick Wolf – Television Producer (Law & Order)
  • Vanessa Bayer – Actress (SNL)
  • Hoodie Allen – Rapper
  • Jennifer Egan – Novelist

Popular coffee spot

HubBub Coffee

Where do students like to hang?

Campus Green

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