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University of Florida

The University of Florida is a public university in beautiful Gainesville, Florida. Approximately 34,500 undergraduate students and 17,800 graduate students are enrolled at the university. The sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference and their colors are blue and orange. One fun fact is the Gator football team tested the first version of Gatorade during the 1960s at practices and games. Gatorade is now one of the most famous sports drinks in the world. University of Florida’s immense school spirit mostly comes from the school’s successful football team.

“Researchers at The University of Florida patented Gatorade! You can always find some in a vending machine around campus.”

Tamara and Amanda, twins studying at University of Florida

Notable Alumni

  • Erin Andrews – Sportscaster
  • Tim Tebow – Former Football Quarterback
  • Ryan Lochte – Olympic Swimmer
  • Marco Rubio – Politician
  • Faye Dunaway – Actor
  • Ryan Sweeting – Former Tennis Player

Popular coffee spot

Pascal’s Coffeehouse is on our list of spots to grab a cup of coffee during our visit.

Where do students like to hang?

The Hub

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