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UCLA Self-Guided Tour

UCLA is a large public university in Los Angeles, California. There are approximately 31,000 undergraduate students and 13,025 graduate students. UCLA athletics play a huge part in the campus social life and strong school spirit. The school colors are blue and gold and their sports teams are leaders in the PAC-12 Conference with 116 NCAA titles. One fun fact is the Bruins alumni have won over 261 Olympic medals, more than half of them being gold!

“UCLA celebrated 100 years in 2019!”

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Best Cafe Near UCLA

 Espresso Profeta is a fun spot to relax with a cup of joe!

Notable Alumni

  • James Franco – Actor
  • Shakira – Singer
  • Francis Ford Coppola – Film director
  • Jimmy Connors – Former tennis player
  • Carol Burnett – Actor
  • Jackie Robinson – Former baseball player
  • Reggie Miller – Former basketball player (Indiana Pacers)
  • Mariska Hargitay – Actor (Law & Order)

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