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Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland is an urban private university with approximately 6,000 undergraduate students and almost 18,000 graduate students. Their sports teams compete in the NCAA Division III league except for the women and men’s lacrosse teams that compete in the NCAA Division I league. Twenty-seven people with ties to Johns Hopkins have won Nobel Prizes!

“F. Scott Fitzgerald lived in one of our residence halls!”

Patrick, Admissions Staff

Notable Alumni

  • Wolf Blitzer – CNN Television Anchor
  • Woodrow Wilson – Former U.S. President
  • Wes Craven – Movie Director
  • Michael R. Bloomberg – Dormer New York City Mayor
  • Madeleine Albright – Former U.S. Secretary of State

Popular coffee spot

The Daily Grind in the Brody Learning Commons.

Where do students like to hang?

The Beach and Gilman Atrium

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