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Elon University

Elon University Self-Guided Tour

Elon University in Elon, North Carolina is a medium-sized private liberal arts university. There are approximately 6,200 undergraduate students at Elon and 700 graduate students. The School of Communications was awarded the top Education Program of 2019 by PRWeek. Students at Elon are required to complete one of these five experiences prior to graduating: internship, leadership, service, study abroad or undergraduate research.

“A fun fact is that Elon has actually been designated as its own botanical garden because of how beautiful the campus is! “
Lauren, Class of 2018


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Best Cafe Near Elon University

Irazu Coffee

Elon University Places to Eat

The Root

Mediterranean Deli


Elon University Notable Alumni

  • Chris Wood – Actor (The Vampire Diaries)
  • Lisa Goldstein – Actor (One Tree Hill)
  • Rich Blomquist – Writer
  • Grant Gustin – Actor



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