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Brown University

Brown University Self-Guided Tour

If you're looking for a Brown University self-guided tour then you have come to the right page. Brown University is in Providence, Rhode Island with 6,670 undergraduate students and approximately 2,400 graduate students. It is a private university and one of the eight Ivy League schools. Providence is an up and coming college town with so many amazing restaurants. An interesting fact about the school is that they did away with the core curriculum, so students get to create their own curriculum to follow.

“Rhode Island was one of two states to reject the 18th Amendment (which established prohibition).”

Emily, a recent alum

Best Cafe Near Brown University

 The Nitro Cart.

Brown University Places to Eat

Harry's Bar and Burger


Brown University Notable Alumni

  • John F. Kennedy Jr. – Lawyer and American Publisher
  • Emma Watson – Actor
  • Tracee Ellis Ross – Actor
  • Julie Bowen – Actor
  • John Krasinski (The Office) – Actor
  • Andre Leon Talley – Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine

Brown University SAT Scores

Mean – 33

Brown University ACT Scores

Mean – 1490

Brown University Acceptance Rates


Brown University Tuition


* Brown University Admissions


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