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Bennington College

Bennington College Self-Guided Tour

If you are planning a college visit to Bennington College then you have come to the right page. Bennington is a small, private, liberal arts college located in Bennington, Vermont. There are under 1,000 undergraduate students at Bennington that focus on a liberal arts education mixed with creativity and independence. Every winter, students are required to take what they learned inside the classroom and apply those skills to a two-month internship anywhere in the world. Although the college itself may be small, there are endless opportunities to engage in at Bennington and through their engaged alumni network.


“Bennington College has been a proven leader among liberal-arts colleges since its founding in 1932. Competitive across all metrics, Bennington is focused on creating a student-led education that enables personal fulfillment, societal impact, and long-term adaptability.”


Bennington College


Best Cafe Near Bennington College

The Loose Cannon Cafe


Bennington College Places to Eat

Blue Benn Diner



Bennington College Notable Alumni

  • Donna Tartt – Author
  • Helen Frankenthaler – Abstract Painter
  • Peter Dinklage – Actor
  • Bret Easton Ellis – Author
  • Jovita Moore – News Anchor

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Bennington College ACT


Bennington College Acceptance Rates

57% *

Bennington College Tuition

$ 74,964 *

*Bennington College


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