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Allegheny College

Allegheny College Self-Guided Tour

If you are planning a college visit to Allegheny College then you have come to the right page. Allegheny is a private liberal arts college located in Meadville, Pennsylvania. It has been recognized as one of Loren Pope’s “40 Colleges that Change Lives” because of its focus on interdisciplinary academics including the arts. The total undergraduate enrollment is just under 2,000 students which allows for smaller class sizes, a tight-knit community, and more focus on individual students. Founded in 1815, Allegheny if full of traditions such as stealing a forbidden plank from the Rustic Bridge.


“The “Rules for Freshmen Men” published in 1919-1920 “By order of the student senate” included directives such as: 2. Freshmen must use only the sidewalks on the campus; 6. Freshmen must wear black sox and black sox only; and 8. Freshmen must build college bon-fires when so directed by the College Cheer-Leader.”

Best Cafe Near Allegheny College

Pampered Palate


Allegheny College Places to Eat

Smoky Martins BBQ


Allegheny College Notable Alumni

  • Ida Tarbell – Pioneer of Investigative Journalism
  • William McKinley – 25th President of the United States
  • Barbara Robinson – Children's Author
  • Ben Burtt – Director and Film Editor
  • Morris P. Fiorina – Political Scientist

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Allegheny College Acceptance Rates

64 % *

Allegheny College Tuition

$ 65,670 *

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