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Episode 63: Life as a Student Entrepreneur at Northwestern with Guest Jay Towns

March 9, 2021

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College Scoops loves connecting with student entrepreneurs to hear their stories and how they are managing their schoolwork and businesses. Today we talked with Jay Towns, a junior at Northwestern. Jay shared his story about applying to Northwestern, why Northwestern is the perfect fit for him, his experience as an Amazon influencer, and as a creative running his photography business.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Know when you apply ED it is binding.
  • Definitely visit campus when you are looking at schools
  • Get sleep during your freshman year. Sleep deprivation can really affect your ability to acclimate to a school quickly. Also, make sure to eat 3x/day. 
  • Attend the club fair at the beginning of school as it will be a great introduction to the different communities available at your school
  • You do not have to have it all figured out on Day 1 of freshman year
  • Be comfortable with the discomfort – embrace it as everyone is in the same boat
  • Advice for parents – be in tune with what your child needs and listen to what they want. Some students will be homesick and want to connect with their parents. Other students will want some space to grow and get acclimated without advice from their parents
  • Take time for yourself as everyone is experiencing zoom fatigue
  • If you are interested in starting your own business, get involved in your school’s Entrepreneurship Program. The program at Northwestern has been an incredible resource and they offer tremendous opportunities for students.

Important Resources and Links:

Mentorship Program at Northwestern

Meet Jay Towns

Jay Towns

Jay Towns is a junior at Northwestern University studying Musical Theatre, Music Technology, and Entrepreneurship. As well as a full-time student, Jay is also a performer, photographer, creative director, and video blogger. He is constantly finding new ways to blend his interests in entertainment to create value for others. Recent projects of his include partnering with the Dolphin Show for a headshot fundraiser and composing the score for a film titled “It’s Not You, It’s Me.”

Thank you Jay for joining us today to share your story about how you landed at Northwestern. You offered great advice for freshmen – Getting sleep is so important as that will set you up for success as you navigate the 1st couple of months of school. Get involved early and often and get comfortable with discomfort. Know everyone is in the same position as a freshman so you are not alone. If you have a business or you are interested in starting a business at NW, connect with the entrepreneurship and mentoring program at NW. The resources, classes, and network are incredibly supportive and you will find yourself thriving. You can learn more about Jay and his photography business on his social media @jaytowns or on his website, Towns Photography.

Episode 63 Full Transcript

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