Global Girls Prep Membership Order Form

Welcome, Julie!

We’ve provided this customized order form for you to purchase College Scoops memberships at our discounted IEC rates. You may order any quantity of memberships via this form, with the option to notify a student’s parent or family member about your gift to them. 

All memberships will be activated immediately upon ordering, and login credentials will be emailed to each student, so they can access our Guides right away. You’ll also receive a confirmation from our payment processor, Stripe, along with a full itemization of all your membership purchases. 

Purchasing a significant quantity of memberships? Download our Bulk IEC Order Template, which is a simple Excel spreadsheet into which you can enter each student’s information. Then just email it back to us, and we’ll send an invoice for the total no. of memberships ordered. Upon payment of the invoice, we’ll process your order within one business day.

If you have any special requirements for your membership order, or need assistance with the process, please reach out to us at any time at