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How To Turn College Visits Into a Winning Essay

When students sit down to write a draft of their college essay, we often suggest going back through the notes they took during their college visits to jog their memory of their first impressions of the school. What was it about the school that made you want to apply? What fun fact did you learn during the information session or tour?  Patrick Meade (Admissions Scoops Expert) and Moira McCullough joined forces to share their tips with TeenLife on “How to Turn College Visits into a Winning Essay”. Read more @TeenLife.



Many families are in the midst of planning their summer college visits. Take College Scoops along for the ride to help create a memorable trip with your son or daughter on the road. We have been there and done that. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to plan a fun and tasty trip while also getting the inside scoops on where students like to go for their caffeine fix, lunchtime burger, or Friday evening hanging with friends.

Worried about your college essay? Do you want to write a killer college essay that gets you into your dream university? Check out my blogpost about college essays and how visiting the university you want to get in can help you write the essay. Follow College Scoops for the best university enrollment advice! College Scoops - College Trips Made Easy #collegescoops #colleges #university #collegetrips #applytouniversity #application #university #collegeessay #collegescoops


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