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How to Help Your Child with Bullying

Each week College Scoops shares interesting articles we have read throughout the week about life in college, tips for college students, college admissions, or parenting tips.


What We Read This Week


My goal this summer is to sit at the beach one day from sunrise to sunset and read, all day long. That is it! In the meantime, during the summer parents have a chance to catch up and relax with their children playing board games, taking a walk in the park or at the beach, reading together, or just enjoying the moment. Parents tend to learn a lot during these moments as children reveal more about their friends, their feelings, or their struggles. It is also a time when they may encounter a group of new “friends” at a park or in the neighborhood. Teaching our children how to be resilient at any age is a life long lesson. Estelle Erasmus provided some helpful tips and techniques on How to Bullyproof Your Child.


There are many discussions in the news and in the halls about the state of higher education and the potential fixes. More students are enrolling in vocational schools, taking a gap year, or applying to experimental programs like the Outer Coast and the Arete Project. When my older son was looking at colleges he came across Deep Springs College, a very small (26 students and they admitted their first female student in 2018) college located in Big Pine California. Read Molly Worthen's article in the New York Times, The Anti-College Is on the Rise.


Happy Reading!

Child bullying is a serious topic that you can't avoid. Do you see these signs in your children's behavior? Then most likely your child is bullied at schools. Check out my blog post How to Help Your Child with Bullying and stop the bullying. Tips for high school and student kids as well. College Scoops - College Trips Made Easy #kids #bullying #bully #stopthebullying #colleges #university #collegetrips #collegescoops #podcast #collegetips #planning

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