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How to Approach Your New School Year

September 20, 2019

Each year I do envy my kids as they get excited to start the new school year. Getting reconnected with their friends, meeting new friends, learning new material, joining a new club or trying a new sport. It is a great way to reinvent yourself each fall and set new goals. During the last days of August, I did take some time to identify what I wanted to accomplish this fall; a mix of both personal and professional aspirations. I have my stack of books to read, I set up a crazy goal to swim more yards this month than I have ever done in my life, and I identified several new initiatives to launch for College Scoops. Thank you, Mary Laura Philpott, as I drew inspiration from your article, I’m So Excited for 40th Grade. Now, let’s crush this new “school year”!

New School Year
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As my youngest gets ready to start the college planning process as a junior in high school, I reminded him this is a journey, not a sprint. You have to save something in the reserve tank as these next two years are going to be challenging but also fun as families have the opportunity to explore new sights. Rick Clark’s post, Focus on the Journey, Not the Destination, is a good weekend reading assignment for the family. Take time out during the college visit season to get to know your child on a deeper level. Listen to what excites them when visiting a college campus. Learn what makes them tick and what is important to them when looking at a college. Trust me, parents have an incredible opportunity to bond with their child if they approach college visits with a certain attitude. Now, go for it and enjoy spending time with your son or daughter on the road.

Happy Reading!

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