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Best College Advice for Parents

High School Parents Gone Wild

Each week College Scoops shares interesting articles we have read throughout the week pertaining to college admissions, college life, college visits, or tips and advice as it pertains to the college planning process.


high school parents


High School students have a stressful enough time managing all their school work, activities, community service, team sports, band, and other outside commitments. Do they really need to manage their parent's behavior? Modeling good behavior is something we all try to do from birth. However, this article – Parents Gone Wild, shares the horror stories of how some parents' overreaching desire for their children to attend the elite Ivy league institutions have gone wild.


Have you ever looked at your calendar and wondered, How am I ever going to get through the day?  As parents, we are juggling each and every day work commitments, kids schedules, personal appointments, and chores. There were days when I wished we could drop everything and just be spontaneous. Weekends sometimes were even more packed than weekdays as my husband and I ran in different directions with kids in tow. However, sometimes it is ok to just let things go and see what happens. This summer maybe you should drop the ball and see what happens.


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