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Getting the Right Amount of Sleep Does Matter

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Sleep matters. A lot. I was never a night owl but I am amazed at how late my son in high school and my two college students go to bed even when they finish their homework early. I know they are exhausted but they never seem to just want to call it an early night…ever! This article about an MIT study may make them think twice the next time they have a chance to crawl into bed for an early night's sleep.


Do your students utilize office hours? College professors and high school teachers offer office hours as a way for students to stop in to ask questions, get clarification on assignments, or to ask for help with a rough draft. Many times students do not take advantage of this opportunity as they are intimidated or wary of talking with their teachers outside of the classroom. However, if you ask students who have met with their teachers during office hours what they recommend, they would say the earlier you meet with your professors the better. Elissa Nadworny @NPRparenting shares some tips on how to encourage your college student (and really any age student) to take a leap of faith and make good use of office hours. Once your student gets over their initial fear of office hours, they will never look back.


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