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Educational consultants from across the U.S. find our content extremely valuable, and have begun embedding our College Scoops memberships into their client packages. See how our interactive guides and authentic, student-sourced content can provide a unique and valuable resource for your students & families.

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How Educational Consultants Use College Scoops

A quick "education" on how our resources can help you—and your students and parents

Be “In The Know” WIth Real, Student-Sourced Info

  • Immediate access to authentic, student-driven content
  • Member-only access to student Q&A videos with invaluable insights not available elsewhere
  • Inside scoops on life beyond the academics
  • Broaden your service offering
  • Value-added resource for your students and parents

Useful Planning and College Research Tool for Students

  • Peer-generated platform
  • Social Fit aspect of college fit
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Great resource for college interviews or messaging college admissions representatives
  • Writing the ‘Why Us’ or supplemental essays
  • Upperclassmen’s guide to campus life

Valuable Resource for Parents Planning College Visits

  • Saves time and energy planning college trips
  • Ability to immediately book hotels, restaurant reservations, and admissions tours
  • Pre-built campus tours within the Guides
  • College town itineraries created by locals-in-the-know
  • Get a better feel and vibe of the surrounding community
  • Tips from parents who have “been there, done that”

What They're Saying

Our clients share their experiences with College Scoops

College Scoops takes the all important college visit to the next level! College Scoops provides the most important college details and sights to see and activities to do in and around the college area. It has changed the way my students visit colleges!” 

IEC, Pennsylvania

College Scoops is a tool that has helped our students better understand what it is like to actually be a student at the school in a much more realistic capacity than the standard information sessions and college tours.

IEC, Colorado

College Scoops is an essential resource for students and families navigating the college journey. Gaining an insider’s view of a college campus and community truly helps students find their best fit.

IEC, Pennsylvania

College Scoops really helps you get to know different colleges as you’re figuring out where you want to apply and where you want to go! The interviews with college students are FAB!”  

IEC, California

College Scoops delivers very valuable information that would otherwise require a lot of time & expense/travel to get. Those kinds of insider tips are just what applicants need to get a true feel for each college of interest.

Essay Coach, Maryland

College Scoops has been a very helpful resource for me students as they research and choose colleges to apply to. I highly recommend it!”

IEC, New York

The significance of how a campus ‘feels’ is paramount and College Scoops truly does give the inside SCOOP of campus life through the lens of current students and parents. 

IEC, Ohio

The significance of how a campus ‘feels’ is paramount and College Scoops truly does give the inside SCOOP of campus life through the lens of current students and parents. 

IEC, Ohio

“As a college consultant, I recommend College Scoops to all of my students.. It’s a great way to “visit” a campus and learn about all its nooks and crannies from current students. I also enjoy watching the videos to learn more about certain schools myself.”

IEC, New Jersey

College Scoops provides phenomenal resources for families as they visit colleges – College Scoops helps make the college road trip a success, a positive part of the college application journey. I am so glad to be able to refer my clients to College Scoops!”

IEC, New Jersey

College Scoops is a perfect resource when planning trips to visit colleges since it includes where to stay, where to eat, and what to see on the campus.

College Coach, Connecticut

Resources For All Your Clients

Our guides cover the top schools from across the U.S.

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