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General FAQs

What exactly is College Scoops?

College Scoops is the Insider's Guide to Campus Life whether you’re online, visiting, or living there. Imagine the ultimate college tour, where you quickly access all the information you need and get the answers to the burning questions you and your student may have about campus life. We go beyond the data to give you an authentic college experience. Our interactive College Scoops Guides have links to everything – Where to live, study, eat. Where to go and What to do. All in one place.

Many colleges offer virtual tours on their own Web sites. What makes your College Scoops guides different?

As we like to say, our guides are made by students, for students, and are created with real, authentic input from our student ambassadors themselves. In addition, parents also provide their own perspectives for our Parent Scoops.

College Scoops is not affiliated in any way with the colleges shown in our guides; therefore, our content is not subject to review by school administrators. This allows us to offer unique information and valuable insights, geared to give you the real scoop on campus life.

What content is available to non-members?

Non-members are welcome to explore our blog posts, podcasts, student videos and other free content, and are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase a membership.

What else is available to me, if I become a member?

In addition to the content available to all visitors, members can also access our entire collection of interactive college guides, which feature self-guided tours whether you have 1 hour or 3 hours, best places to park, transportation tips from our student community, student’s favorite dorms, parent’s recommended hotels, best places to eat around campus, suggestions for nightlife and where to work out, recommended excursions in the surrounding area for you and your student, student testimonials, fun facts, and parent tips.

Members also receive discounts when purchasing membership plans for friends, family or clients, and we’re always thinking of more ways to reward our members for their loyalty.

How much does it cost to purchase a membership?

Annual memberships are just $129.99, with weekly plans available at $29.99.

We are offering a special discount on annual memberships at just $49.99 for the entire month of March during our March Madness promotion, so get yours here—before the madness ends!

I love your guides, but I really only need a guide for one particular school. Is there a way to purchase just one?

We have created the weekly membership as an option for families to view one or more schools at a significantly reduced rate. And, if you love our guides, you can simply upgrade to the annual membership.

What if I want to buy a membership for someone else? How does that work?

Glad you asked. All you need to do is visit our Gift Memberships page, purchase one or more memberships (at discounted rates, if you’re already a member) and you’ll receive a coupon via email for each membership purchase. These coupons can then be emailed to your recipients, for them to redeem at our site.

Are you affiliated with any/all of the colleges, restaurants or hotels you feature on your site?

No. The information on our site, whether it be podcasts, videos, blog posts, or (for members only) our interactive guides and eBooks, comes from real students at these colleges, and is not subject to any editorial control by the schools. This allows us to give you the “real” scoop on the colleges you’re most interested in checking out.

Additionally, neither we, nor our student ambassadors, have any affiliation with the restaurants, bars, hotels, or any other establishments mentioned or recommended in our interactive guides.

What happened to the eBooks you used to sell?

Our eBooks are now available to members only, and can be downloaded free of charge. That’s just one more reason to join our community as a College Scoops member—as if there weren’t enough already! All information from our ebooks has been added to our guides plus so much more.

Member FAQs

I've just purchased a membership. How do I get started?

Check your email for your user ID and password, and click the link to log into your member account. Once you're logged in, you’ll be able to access all the protected content on the site that’s available only to members like yourself. You can search for a particular college from the Search field at upper right, or browse all the guides from the Colleges menu at the top by A-Z, location or size.

If you’re looking for our legacy eBooks, you’ll find a link to them in the Colleges menu as well.

Didn't receive an email? Check your spam or junk folder just in case. If you did not get a new member notification with your user ID and password, let us know and we'll get your credentials sent to you ASAP.

How can I be sure I am logged in as a member?

On desktop computers, the top right corner of the College Scoops menu will indicate your status. If it reads “Log In,” you are not currently logged in as a member. Clicking that item will log you into your member account and change that link to “Log Out.”

As long as it reads “Log Out,” you'll know that you are able to access all the features of your membership.


To see the same info on smartphones, tapping the pink “hamburger” menu at the top right will indicate your status at the bottom of the menu.

How soon after purchasing a membership, does my membership actually “start”?

Regardless of the duration of the membership you purchased, whether weekly or yearly, the time period of your membership begins at the moment you purchase it.

Where do I find the guides?

From the top menu, just go to Colleges, and you can browse the guides alphabetically, by region, or by size. “All Colleges” will show all 81 guides on a single page. We’re always adding more colleges, so if you don’t see the one you want to explore, keep checking back with us, or email us to let us know which college(s) you’re interested in; we may already be working on them.

Can I add your College Scoops web site icon to my smartphone’s home screen?

Sure! When you first load the site on mobile you will be prompted to add it to your home screen. If you don’t see the prompt, make sure you’re on our site, and then, depending on which type of smartphone you have:

iPhone: Tap the Share icon at the bottom center of the screen, and then scroll down and tap “Add To Home Screen.”

Android: Tap the menu icon (three vertical dots in upper right-hand corner), and tap “Add To Home Screen.”

Are your guides viewable on all devices?

Absolutely, every College Scoops interactive guide is fully responsive, and looks great on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Can I print out the guides?

Our new interactive guides can also be printed, but they are intended to be viewed on a desktop or smartphone, since they're constantly being updated with new info. So we recommend that, rather than printing out the guides, that you instead bring your laptop or smartphone with you on your visit, to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date information available.

What should I do if I forget my password?

No problem, it happens to the best of us. Just use the “Lost your password?” link at the bottom of the login page to reset it, and make sure the email/user ID you enter there is the same one you used to sign up.

I changed my password, but I still can’t log in. Help!

No worries, you can contact us at any time at for assistance with your user ID and/or password.

How can i find out how much time is left on my membership?

You can visit the My Account area of your site, located at

at any time to check the status of your membership, along with any other info about your account with us.

How do I renew my membership?

You will receive a notification just prior to the expiration of your membership with a link for renewal, so just click that and follow the prompts to renew. We do not auto-renew memberships, as we feel that members should have the option to determine whether or not they wish to continue (and most do 😉

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