You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions about College Scoops regarding our plans, pricing, products and services.

Many colleges offer virtual tours on their own Web sites. What makes your College Scoops guides different?

As we like to say, our guides are made by students, for students, and are created with real, authentic input from our student ambassadors themselves. In addition, parents also provide their own perspectives for our Parent Scoops.

Besides, we know that applicants aren’t just looking at one school, and tracking down info across multiple colleges’ Web sites gets old pretty fast. So think of us as a “one-stop shop” for virtual campus tours and info.

What content is available to non-members?

Non-members are welcome to explore our blog posts, podcasts, student videos and other free content, and are under no obligation whatsoever to purchase a membership.

Although our interactive guides are restricted to members only, we do provide a free sample guide, so even non-members can experience the unique insights and student recommendations that are part of each and every guide on this site.

What else is available to me, if I become a member?

In addition to the content available to all visitors, members gain access to our full collection of interactive college guides, featuring self-guided campus tours, tips on transportation and parking, students’ favorite dorms, and area hotels recommended by parents.

Our guides also highlight the best places to eat and drink, both on and off campus, along with recommended excursions in the surrounding area for students and their families. 

Members also receive discounts when purchasing membership plans for friends, family or clients, and we’re always thinking of more ways to reward our members for their loyalty.

How much does it cost to purchase a membership?

Annual memberships are just $99, with monthly plans available at $9.95 per month (minimum monthly membership term is three months).

What happened to the eBooks you used to sell?

Our eBooks have evolved into our new interactive Guides. By making each guide completely Web-based, we’re able to check and update links, addresses and other info in real time, something that was just not possible with our PDF-based eBooks.

I love your guides, but I really only need a guide for one particular school. Is there a way to purchase just one?

Access to our guides is based on the purchase of a monthly or annual subscription plan, which provides access to all of our guides for the duration of your membership. At this point, we have no plans to offer access on an individual basis. 

If you just need a quick list of every guide that’s currently available, you can find that here. 

Are you affiliated with any/all of the colleges, restaurants or hotels you feature on your site?

The information on our site, whether it be podcasts, videos, blog posts, or our interactive guides, comes from real students at these colleges, and is not subject to any editorial control by the schools. This allows us to give you the “real” scoop on the colleges you’re most interested in checking out.

Additionally, neither we, nor our student ambassadors, have any affiliation with the restaurants, bars, hotels, or any other establishments mentioned or recommended in our interactive guides.

What if I want to buy a membership for someone else? How does that work?

When purchasing any of our membership plans, just click the “Gift” button while checking out, and you’ll be prompted to provide the name and email address of your intended recipient. He or she will receive a special code allowing them access to create their own membership on our site.