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Episode 99 – What We Wish We Knew Before We Attended College

November 23, 2021

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As we approach our 100th podcast, the College Scoops Team reflected on all the incredible advice and insights we have gathered through our outreach and interviews with experts in the college and career arena. Today, we are going to take a look back at some of their answers to a few of our favorite questions: What did you wish you knew before attending college? If you could go back to college and change one thing, what would it be? For me, my senior year in college was packed with things I wish I had done as a freshman and sophomore.

  • I was actively involved in the student newspaper
  • I had a part-time job I loved (Cashier at The Firehouse Deli!)
  • I finally had the confidence to connect with my professors who I realized really liked helping students not only in the classroom but also in our search for internships or jobs.
  • AND I knew graduation was around the corner so I started to take advantage of every moment, soaking in the last days of college before I entered the real world. 

The ability to attend college is truly a privilege. Not everyone in this world has the opportunity to attend higher education. And four years flies by really fast. Before you know it, you are working and living in the real world!

So stay-tuned to hear an awesome podcast!

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Key Takeaways:

Craig Heller – College Essay Solutions

Liane Crane – The College Dollar

Carolyn Caplan – Admissions Mom

Eleanora Ferrante – Square Peg Square Hole Coaching

Kate Sonnenberg – KS College Success

Sydney Montgomery – S. Montgomery Admissions Consulting

Patrick Meade

Dale Troy – Crush College Stress

Adam Shlomi – SloFloTutors

Andrea Schiralli –Ivy & Quill Consulting

Marion Taylor – Taylor The Gap

Deena Maerowitz – The Bertram Group

Stephan Friedman – Emily Weiss Consulting

Harlan Cohen – Harlan Cohen

Jed Applerouth – Applerouth Tutoring Services

Mikala Bush

Jason Vallozzi – Campus to Career Crossroads

Jenna Zipf – The Intern Hustle

Tara Falcon – ReisUp LLC

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Episode 99 Full Transcript

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