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Episode 92: 5 Tips for Parents Starting the College Process

October 5, 2021

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Parents helping parents. That is what we have always done when our children were babies, through grammar school, middle school, and high school. Now as students get ready to launch their next academic adventure in college, how can parents share their cheat sheets to de-stress the process for all. We love sharing what seasoned parents have learned over the years and what they wish they knew when they were just starting the college applications process with their first child. 

Julie Stallman is the owner and publisher of Triangle Senior Year. Julie is not only a parent who has been through the college search process but she also has gathered a network of resources to help high school parents as they navigate the last two years of high school. We discussed tips and strategies to help parents as they navigate the last year of high school.

Key Takeaways:

Remember emotions run high during senior year- they can impact decisions!

  • This can make people overwhelmed.
  • Find the resources that can help you find information! This will help reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed. 
  • Everyone could have a different perspective of what they want to tell you about their own college application process. 

Letting your student have some privacy and agency over their college application process can be a destressor. It also allows them to make a decision that is not influenced by other people. 

  • But no matter what: have the conversation of what can and cannot be discussed to others during the college application process. Have a mutual understanding and respect for what each person wants.

Seek resources when you need them

  • Reach out to seasoned parents
  • Hire outside help
  • College Scoops and TriangleSeniorYear 

Communication between student and parent is KEY.

  • Have a system set up about how you are going to tackle the dates and deadlines. Whatever this system is, make sure it works for your student.
  • Break down the application into chucks that aren’t overwhelming. 
  • Start early! This will help you in the future. Especially the essay. 
  • It requires you to be introspective and that can be difficult.

Enjoy these moments!

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Meet Julie Stallman

Triangle Senior Year

Julie Stallman is the owner and publisher of She is a graphic designer and marketing professional with a love of all things creative and a sincere appreciation for small business owners. Both Julie and her husband Chris attended the University of Virginia, and together with their son Ryan (22), daughter Kelsey (19) and two dogs, have lived in Cary, NC for almost 23 years.

`Thank you to Julie for joining us today as a parent of college students who has been there and done that and an entrepreneur who offers a great resource to parents of high school seniors. TriangleSeniorYear is a great resource for parents of seniors with a host of businesses listed that offer resources for students and parents. Knowing the last year of high school is an emotional time for both parents and students but there are resources to help families destress and enjoy the process. Take advantage of them. Take the time to have conversations with your son or daughter to learn how you can support them during this process. Respect their privacy and establish ground rules. Start early and enjoy the moment as senior year goes by fast!

Episode 92 Full Transcript

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