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Episode 9: Don’t Panic! Tips for Students and Families Navigating the College Journey

June 23, 2020

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How can parents support their students during the college admissions journey? What resources are available for students and families?  How to use online resources to research colleges from home and the importance of getting engaged early on as a freshman at college, are all topics Lee and I will cover in our discussion today. Especially given these unique times, focusing on what you can control is the key to success. 

Lee Norwood, Owner of Annapolis College Consulting, joins us today to share her strategy for approaching the college admissions journey. She shares her strategy for working with college-bound students on their applications and how she is continually partnering with her community to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experience during their high school years.

Key Takeaways:

  • Utilizing a college consultant as a guide in the college process
  • As a student, figuring out what your needs are first and then matching yourself with schools based on those criteria
  • How to use online resources to research colleges from home
  • How social media plays a role in the college process and the first semester
  • The transition to college from high school to college and resources to take advantage of once you are at college
  • The “Post-COVID Story”
  • How students can make a difference and empower themselves during the Coronavirus
  • Do not be a “vanilla ice cream cone”
  • Financial Aid, Merit Aid and how college consultants can help navigate these terms

Important Resources and Links:

Annapolis College Consulting, IG, FBTwitter
Annapolis College Consulting video

Meet Lee Norwood

College Tips

Lee Norwood is a successful entrepreneur and a published author with majors in Business/Marketing and English from Elon University. Lee excels at connecting students with opportunities for growth that match their interests whether it is in non-profit and business internships, local and state connections, or creative opportunities. Lee loves helping students find their authentic voice and craft unique, meaningful essays that resonate with college admissions offices. Lee is also a social media guru and a parent of two and an owner of Annapolis College Consulting.

We hope you found Lee’s insight and advice on how to connect with an educational consultant, how to show demonstrated interest, and connect with colleges via social media, and how to engage at the start of freshman year helpful.

Episode 9 Full Transcript

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