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The College Scoops Podcast

Episode 84: The Art of Communication

August 3, 2021

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Key Takeaways:

  • Being calm, clear, concise, and confident are essential skills needed to communicate any message properly 
  • Practice, practice, practice! Establishing daily habits will help one achieve his or her long term goals
  • Spirit, intent, and tone are difficult to communicate via text messages and social media platforms; however, these are important factors to consider when having a face-to-face conversation
  • First impressions are extremely important. Make sure to act confidently when meeting someone for the first time.
  • There is a fine line between elaboration and rambling. It is not good to talk too much or too little. If you wish to communicate effectively you must find a balance between these two, providing just enough information so that the listener can gain proper insight into the topic of discussion.
  • Remember the three C’s (being “clear, conscience, and confident”) when having a conversation
  • Send a thank you letter rather than a thank you email when applying for a job because it’ll help you stand out as a candidate
  • Being able to articulate your individual story and experience will help you identify the value you can bring to an organization

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LinkedIn: Matt Crevin | LinkedIn

Instagram: @talkshopusa


Meet Matt Crevin

Art of Communications

Matt Crevin, Founded Talk Shop. with the singular focus to develop today’s students to improve the way they communicate in school, at home, in relationships, and ultimately to get them career ready! With his own parenting journey along with years of interpersonal communications background, Matt delivers tremendous insight that creates an impact with today’s students.  He is also the author of “Get in the Game”  Having also worked for two F500 companies as well a world-renowned leadership training and development company, Matt brings his knowledge and practical experience to guide today’s students to develop effective communication habits.

The Talk Shop mission: Develop the skills to effectively communicate clearly and confidently regardless of the situation or setting came directly from one of the key lessons Matt learned during his public relations internship with the SF 49ers. 

Thank you Matt for joining us today to help educate us about the art of communication. Whether you’re looking to prepare for a job interview or simply to enhance the quality of personal conversations, understanding proper communication skills is an important quality to possess. Matt shared helpful tips and tricks on how to improve your interpersonal skills, such as remembering the three C’s (being ‘clear, concise, and confident’) while engaged in conversation. Next time you have the urge to send a colleague an email or text message, perhaps try giving them a call instead as these simple conversations allow for enhanced interpersonal and communication skills.

Episode 84 Full Transcript

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