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Episode 8: How to Find Scholarships for College



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College is expensive and now more than ever, families are working very hard to pay for college. Finding ways to pay for college takes time, energy, and resources. We hear all about the scholarships and grants available but how do you find scholarships? How do students apply for scholarships? Where and when do you start looking for scholarships? Is it really hard to win a scholarship?

Monica Matthews, founder of How 2 Win Scholarships, is joining us today to share her guidance and tips so you too can find scholarships to apply to before and during the college years.



Key Takeaways:

  • A partnership between the parent and student is key
  • How to begin and where to look for scholarships
  • Focus on the essay part of the application to stand out
  • Timeline for applying
  • Importance of letters of recommendations
  • Stay organized and keep track of all scholarships, deadlines, and requirements
  • Different types of scholarships
  • What not to do when applying for scholarships
  • File your FAFSA forms
  • What do you wish you knew before attending college 
  • Favorite dessert or dessert shop around campus 


Important Resources and Links:

How to Win College Scholarships:  Guides for Parents and Students in 10 Easy Steps

Scholarship Guide Process

The Savor Summer College Scholarship




Meet Monica Matthews



Monica is a former teacher and now stay-at-home mom and founder of How 2 Win Scholarships. She has helped all three of her boys win tens of thousands of scholarship dollars. She started her business after many friends asked for help to apply for scholarships for their children. She is well versed in putting together a plan to help families so you too can apply and win scholarships to help pay for college.


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We hope you found our show helpful and you and your student are more informed on how to apply for scholarships. Applying for scholarships is a partnership between you and your son or daughter and a great way to work together to gather funds for your college education. If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, please send us an email


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