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Episode 79: Know Before You Go

June 29, 2021

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Laurie Genevish joins us today to discuss how students can use career assessment tools to learn more about various professions and the skill sets required to excel in those professions. Are you thinking about majoring in Marine Biology but you absolutely hate math? Maybe that is not the best career choice for you but instead a hobby you can pursue. We also discuss trade schools as a viable and really good option for many students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start the college and career conversations early with your high school students
  • Determine if dual-enrollment is right for your son or daughter
  • Check out YouTube college videos to get a sense of what the feel and vibe of the college is like
  • Use the Harrison Assessment as a tool for career exploration
  • Build a network, seek out professionals you can talk to, apply for internships, and join professional organizations
  • Consider trade school as a viable and more affordable option for students 

Important Resources and Links:

My Ideal College

Harrison Assessments

Meet Laurie Genevish

Laurie Genevish

As a sought-out speaker and educational consultant, Laurie teaches teens and college students how to go from doubt to destiny as it relates to their future. Couple this with her passion for saving parents their time, money, and sanity in the process. Laurie is on a mission to make the term “student debt” a thing of the past. So many adults have student debt and they aren’t even in the career that brought on that debt. Furthermore, many college graduates are not earning enough money to meet their student loan obligations much less live on their own and provide for themselves. Spending more than 20 years in the corporate arena, Laurie has used assessment technology for many years to help coach and hire, develop and retain employees in jobs that they love. These companies include Penske, Freshii, Marlin Leasing, and HeatTek. Now she wants to use it to help young adults plan for their future.

Thank you to Laurie for joining us today to discuss how students can use career assessment tools to learn more about various professions and the skill sets required to excel in those professions. Start the conversations early so students can plan accordingly whether they are looking at dual enrollment opportunities, attending a trade school, or applying to college.

Episode 79 Full Transcript

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