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Episode 78: How to Apply to Universities in the UK with Tips From a King’s College Recruitment Manager

June 22, 2021

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ARE YOU INTERESTED in applying to a university in the UK? What do admissions representatives look for from applicants applying to their institution? Ashley Monaghan is the International Student Recruitment Manager for the Americas at King’s College London and she will share her tips and advice for students looking to study overseas and in particular at King’s College London. What makes King’s College unique? What do universities look for from international applicants? Ashley provides a quick overview of the application platform, timing, and the personal statement requirement. Since the personal statement is not school-specific, students need to articulate their level of experience and expertise in the particular program of study they are applying to. This is quite different from the format used when applying to universities in the US. For any student interested in studying abroad, this podcast is worth listening to.

Key Takeaways:

  • King’s College London is a large (30,000 students) university in central London with a diverse student body.
  • Studying overseas is a “value match”.
  • Applicants apply to programs within a university versus a university.
  • UCAS is the central body that administers applications in the UK and although not every UK university is on UCAS, many are. Students can apply to up to 5 programs through UCAS starting as early as September 7th, 2021 for the fall of 2022. UCAS also has a host of helpful resources for students.
  • Students can not apply to Oxford and Cambridge. They have to apply to one or the other and the timeline for those applications is different. The deadline for applications is October 15th.
  • Prospective students need to demonstrate a solid understanding of the program they are applying to. If you’re applying to medicine, law, business, professional experience is required or strongly recommended.
  • If you do not get accepted to a particular program because you might not have the if you meet the subject background, you might be applicable for another program within that university.
  • Academics really are the most important part of the application. If students are enrolled in AP courses for the subject that they’re interested in studying senior year, students can apply with predicted grades, and that is what most students do.
  • King’s College is test flexible.
  • Universities in Wales and England offer three-year undergraduate programs versus Scotland which has four-year undergraduate programs.
  • The personal statement is really important and it is the same “essay” for all universities you apply to. The difference with the US versus the UK is universities look for about 80% of the personal statement to be focused on academics.
  • FAFSA can be applied to universities in the UK.
  • After a student is accepted, there is a lot of paperwork (Visas, etc) to complete and it takes a lot of time so plan accordingly.
  • Housing at King’s College is different than the US system. It is not an urban setting and all students have a single room. Housing is guaranteed for freshmen only.

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Meet Ashley Monaghan

King's College London

Ashley Monaghan is the International Student Recruitment Manager for the Americas at King’s College London. Ashley obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish from Baldwin Wallace University before working in development, communications, and student advising in New York City for six years, first in non-profit and then the international education sector. Ashley previously lived in England and has strong ties with the UK personally and professionally. Today, Ashley is based in the Midwest and manages the marketing and recruiting of North America’s western region and new partnerships and relationships in Latin America for undergraduate, postgraduate, and study abroad applicants of King’s.

Thank you to Ashely for joining us today to demystify the application process for students interested in applying to a university in the UK. UCAS is the “common app” equivalent to the platform students use to apply to universities in the UK. The platform is open now so students should take a look and familiarize themselves with the platform and the criteria required for applying to a program overseas. You can submit your application as early as September 7th. Apply early as your chances will be better. Typically you will hear back within 4 weeks of submission, There are major differences when applying to a UK university – it is a value match so take the time to learn about the programs and universities.

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