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Episode 69: How to Stand Out at Your Virtual Internship with Jenna Zipf

April 20, 2021

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Calling all college students! Jenna Zipf, aka The Intern Hustle, is with us today to share her story and advice for college students. Whether you are prepping your resume, LinkedIn profile, or getting ready to interview or start an internship, Jenna provides helpful tips on how to stand out in an interview, internship (in-person and virtual), or on paper. Get ready to take some notes and crush your next interview.

Key Takeaways:

  • Don’t fret if you do not get an internship, the hiring manager may hold onto your resume for another opportunity.
  • Talk to your departments to ensure you know the requirements you need to graduate in your major/minor so you do not leave it until senior year or get caught off guard. 
  • Write a thoughtful email as a follow-up to an interview. The lack of follow-up is so common and one way you can stand out.
  • Know your own story
  • Ask for someone to help you with a mock interview and make sure to get honest feedback (annoying gestures, nervous habits, etc).
  • Focus on good communication skills and don’t go negative on yourself.
  • Connect with alumni to ask for their advice and guidance
  • Find ways to keep in touch with mentors 3x per year. Send a thoughtful email with a personal note. Keep a journal of your contacts and any specific personal notes.
  • Standing out at your virtual internship:
    • Get familiar with the platforms used at the company you are interning at (Slack, Microsoft Team, Google Docs)
    • Set personal and company goals
    • Schedule 1:1 meetings
    • Raise your hand and offer your insights into remote work practices
  • Set up a LinkedIn to tell your story and expand on your resume


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Meet Jenna

Internship Tips

Jenna Zipf is the creator of all things intern inspo and Founder of The Intern Hustle — a company dedicated to inspiring students into intentional action, with the education and resources to take control of their future, one internship at a time. The Intern Hustle partners with colleges and universities to offer fresh and engaging career development workshops, and students can work directly with Jenna through her online courses and boot camps. Prior to launching The Intern Hustle, Jenna spent 10 years in San Francisco advising CEOs and running strategic initiatives for innovative companies in sports performance, e-commerce, and healthcare. She is a proud graduate of The Ohio State University, where she was a four-year student-athlete, developed her love for college football, and learned firsthand about the power of internships.

Thank you to Jenna for joining us today to provide tips on how students can prepare for interviews and the start of their internships. Jenna shared best practices for interviews, following up with hiring managers, getting your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, how to stand out in a virtual internship and  We discussed the importance of mock interviews, and let’s not forget LinkedIn! If you do have a virtual internship, get to know the technology platforms the department uses prior to Day 1, set goals for yourself, ask to schedule virtual 1:1 meetings with your manager, and engage in networking opportunities to meet your fellow interns and colleagues.

Episode 69 Full Transcript

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