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Episode 64: What’s Success and What’s The Win with Guest Rebekka Whitehead

March 16, 2021

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As colleges start to notify students of their admissions decisions, we invited Rebekka Whitehead, a coach, mentor, and educational consultant, to share her guidance on how best to support students during this challenging time. Rebekka works with students to help them identify their strengths and learnings styles to better prepare them for their next academic adventure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Advice for parents:
    • Foster an open and meaningful dialogue with your son or daughter early on in the college search
  • Advice for students:
    • Know what environment you learn best in,
    • Lean into your environment and do not be afraid to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.
    • Practice self-awareness and self-advocacy
    • Get to know your professors especially if your classes are virtual
    • Introduce yourself to the janitorial and food staff as they are your support network
    • Get involved and do something different at college – you may find a new passion
    • Practice good study habits

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Meet Rebekka Whitehead

Native Atlantan Rebekka Whitehead is a graduate of Oglethorpe University. Rebekka’s career in the educational field spans in and out of the classroom, working within the accreditation, learning support, and curriculum development and implementation spaces. Rebekka has experience within the state, national, and global accreditation spheres to monitor academic resource support, advisory groups, college counseling, high-quality mentoring, academic and life coaching, and accountability as well as auxiliary services to evaluate progress and overall improvement across corresponding curricular benchmarks. Rebekka’s experience in curriculum advisement led her to East Africa where she supervised the implementation of an upper school integrated curriculum and authored K-12curricula that is implemented worldwide.

A lifelong learner, Rebekka is a member of Project Zero at Harvard University, Philanthropic Educational Organization, Teachers Without Borders, International Reading Association, Partnership of 21st-Century Skills (P21), Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA), and a Women’s Community Bible Study. Rebekka resides in Buckhead with her husband Kirk.

Thank you to Rebekka for joining us today to discuss how students can prepare themselves for their next academic adventure and how we as parents can support them as they navigate the college admissions process. Fostering an open and meaningful dialogue with your son or daughter early on is important. Helpful tips for students include start to think about the different learning styles or learning environments you like best as you research colleges. When you arrive on campus, get to know your professors early on and meet the janitorial staff – they are members of the support network that will help you thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Episode 64 Full Transcript

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