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Episode 6: Choosing a College that Supports Students with Learning Differences

June 9, 2020

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We know how important it is to find a university or college that is the right fit is for your student. Choosing a college is not easy in general – it takes time and research to find the school that is the right fit. Finding a school that supports a student with learning differences requires some additional information as each student has a unique way of learning, and choosing the right college is an important decision for a family. Students with special needs should investigate whether the school has the resources, programs, and trained staff dedicated to helping every student reach their potential goals while they are there.

Our guest today is a licensed Guidance Counselor and Founder of Guide Us Educational Services. Debbie has had great success in advising college-bound students who have learning difficulties. What should prospective families look for when visiting a college campus from a support standpoint? What questions should they ask during a college visit and who should they contact? As families prepare for their college visits this spring, be prepared, and make sure to take advantage of the college visit opportunity to learn more about how that particular college will support your student. Debbie provides some guidelines and tips to help navigate the college search process especially for students with learning differences.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the support services at college differ from high school
  • What students/families need to know beforehand
  • Documentation required at college
  • Ascertain the type of assistance your student might need
  • Who to ask for help at colleges
  • Specific programs at schools to apply to
  • Additional fees for programs
  •  Particular colleges that do this well (American University, Northeastern, Mitchell College Curry College, Lynn College, Dean College, Marist, University of Denver to name a few)
  • Advice for students heading off to college this fall
  • What do you wish you knew before attending college
  • Favorite dessert or dessert shop around campus

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Meet Deborah Cinquemani

Learning Specialist

Debbie is the Founder of Guide Us Educational Services and a licensed Guidance Counselor. For 20+ years, Debbie has helped students maximize their college admissions success to help make their dreams a reality. Debbie holds a Master of Science Degree in Education with a concentration in counseling from Fordham University. She worked as a high school college counselor in New York City before focusing on becoming an educational consultant with a focus on helping students with learning differences.

We hope you found our show helpful whether you are just starting your college search or you are helping your son or daughter get ready to start college in the fall. If you have additional information to share on resources available for students and families, please add a comment below.

Episode 6 Full Transcript

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