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Episode 56: Should I Stay or Should I Go with Guest Kevin March


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Thinking about transferring? Wondering what to do next or how to get the courage to go for it? When you know a school is just not the right fit for you, it is hard to have the courage to take the next steps. We reached out to a transfer student who made the move in his junior year at college. Kevin shares with us his experience, when he finally made the decision to start the transfer process, the frustration in getting the paperwork lined up, but also the joy in finding a school to call home for the last two years of college.



Key Takeaways:  

  • Culture and geography really play a part in the college experience. 
  • If you are a student-athlete, be prepared – it is a huge investment and commitment in time and energy. There is not a tremendous amount of free time left for students to get involved in other aspects of college life.
  • Plan accordingly when gathering the paperwork to transfer as it takes a while for the sending school to get the paperwork together.
  • Be thoughtful in your college application essay as to why you are looking to transfer. 
  • Reach out to current students at the schools you are looking to transfer to.
  • Housing at the new college can be challenging with the timing of the acceptance so if you can look into housing opportunities earlier, do so.
  • Connect with other transfer students to feel connected with your new community and if you can live with a transfer student that is a good idea as well.
  • Treat the transfer process as another class

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 Firat Education


Meet Kevin March

Firat Education


Kevin March is a Senior College Admissions Consultant in the Greater Boston Area for Firat Education. March has advised over 200 students through the college admissions process and is a trusted source of academic knowledge for local news channels. He specializes in identifying students' personal and career-oriented goals and subsequently implementing standardized test preparation and personalized counseling accordingly. March is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in History at Boston College.


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Thank you to Kevin for joining us today to share your transfer story and tips for transferring. If you know the school is not the right fit, start to research other schools and start to identify where you want to go next. Review the transfer information on the college you are looking to transfer to and start to gather the required paperwork as it is not easy and takes time and perseverance to get the right forms in place. The common application essay will take some thought and grace in how you want to communicate the “Why” you want to transfer. When you do land at your new school, get to know the other transfer students as it may help with the transition. Get involved early and often to help feel like a member of the community. 


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