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Episode 52: Finding the Right Culture Fit of a College with Guest Jen Hendricks


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Finding the right fit from a cultural perspective at a college is challenging. How do you help students and families navigate this challenge? As a parent who has lived and worked overseas, I know how important it is to be culturally aware of your environment and how challenging it can be to find the right fit from all aspects of life. When we look at colleges, we also have to consider the cultural fit of each campus to make sure it is one in which your student will thrive. Jennifer Hendricks has not only lived and worked overseas but she is also a parent of three and one of her daughters is studying overseas. Jen will share with us her experience as a parent of twins and the importance of considering cultural fit into the college search process.



Key Takeaways:  

  • Establish a time and some ground rules for working with your student (ie not late at night or early in the morning)
  • The Maslow approach – Identify the basic needs for what your student needs or is looking for in a college experience
  • Introducing families to culture (website, social media, mission statement, history of the school)
  • Reach out to the current community
  • Establish a network or buddy system once at school
  • Know that you will experience culture shock and a sense of loneliness at some point – it is natural. 

Important Resources and Links:

Hendricks Education, LLC

FB at @HendricksEd


Meet Jen Hendricks

Jennifer Hendricks


Jennifer Hendricks helps students find and apply to their “best-fit” schools by using a 3-part process based on discovery, preparation, and decision.  

With thousands of hours teaching, writing, editing, researching, and parenting, Jen draws from a large repertoire of tools in helping students express themselves effectively to admissions representatives. Working with her, students find clarity and purpose in navigating the college search and application process.

Jen is also a parent of three teens and has undergone the college navigation process recently with her own twin daughters. This makes her especially sensitive and adept at helping parents who are on this adventure for the first time.


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Thank you to Jennifer for joining us to discuss finding the college culture that works best for you and how to transition from culture shock to culture shift. Create a time frame and guidelines for working with your students on their college admissions applications. Find a time where you are both mentally ready and willing. Be open with your student as to what your expectations and ground rules are so there are no surprises. What are the basic needs your student is looking for in a college experience and community? Take a look at the school's mission statement to get a feel for the community. 


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Episode 52 Full Transcript