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Episode 61: Wondering What Other Students Are Paying For College with Guest Mark Salisbury


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College is expensive and now with more and more colleges going online, families are re-evaluating their options. Families are researching financial aid, merit aid, and scholarships to help with the burden of college expenses. Should a student take a gap year? Some students are opting for community college or a state university experience with the thought of saving money for graduate school. Others are deferring for a semester or year. Mark Salisbury, Founder of TuitionFit, shares his goal to give families the real college pricing information so families have the knowledge, power, and leverage when making college decisions.




Key Takeaways:

  • TuitionFit is the Kelly Blue Book for college tuition
  • Taking away the mystery of the college sticker price to give students and families a more accurate picture of what families are paying for a particular institution
  • A free exchange (freemium model) for students who provide their award letters 
  • Students can access the platform for a minimal fee of $49.99 without sharing data
  • Educational consultants can subscribe to the platform as well
  • Partnering with colleges to help them more efficiently market to students who met their criteria academically and financially

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Thank you to Mark for joining us today to share how students and families can get more educated on college tuition prices. Knowing the range of what to expect to pay for college at a particular institution earlier rather than later will allow students and families to be more informed and targeted in their college search. Students can access TuitionFit by sharing their award letters and information. Educational consultants can subscribe to TuitionFit to gain access to their platform as well. 


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Episode 61 Full Transcript


Episode 61 – Mark Salisbury


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