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Episode 43: Find Your “Wow Factor” with Guest Amy Kossoff Smith

November 3, 2020

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We are reaching out to experts in various professions to share their stories on how they got their start and what advice they would give to a student looking to enter that particular field of study. If you are interested in PR and journalism Amy Kossoff Smith has some great advice for you. Amy also works with students on their college application essays. As a seasoned writer, Amy knows how to pitch a story. She brings her expertise from her journalism and PR experience to help students convey their “wow factor” throughout their application.

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Key Takeaways:

  • “Make me nervous” – Be brave, bold, and vulnerable when telling a story
  • Advocate for yourself
  • Being safe does not make a great story
  • The importance of demonstrated interest
  • Take meaningful detours
  • Don’t be afraid of a gateway job
  • Be authentic when you start to write your essay
  • Show don’t tell
  • What are our success factors – think about what works for you
  • Be careful for “resume repeat”
  • No one should mute your voice in an essay
  • It is good to be a generalist because doors close and open all the time and it’s good to have some tools in your box
  • What are your core strengths and how can you leverage them
  • Find something that brings you joy

Important Resources and Links:

Power Hour Editing – Free Essay Planner on Request!



Meet Amy Kossoff Smith:

Amy Kossoff Smith

What’s your story? Amy Smith, Founder of Power Hour Editing, a division of Write Ideas, Inc. brings her public relations & journalism skills as a writing coach to help students find & tell a memorable story. College & graduate school essays, activity lists, resumes & more – Amy has a knack for getting to the heart of the story fast. Brainstorming, editing, an online action plan, student worksheets to simplify the process, and valuable advice on standing out in the competitive admissions process. Her article about offbeat tactics students used to catch the eye of admissions officers placed first in the William Randolph Hearst “Pulitzers of college journalism” contest. A graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Amy’s personal writing and publishing ventures were featured on The Today Show, ABC National News, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and more. She authored an essay in Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex & Work in Our ‘40s and was featured in I Love Mondays and Other Confessions from Devoted Working Moms. 

Thank you Amy for joining us today to share your expertise in the world of PR and Journalism. Take advantage of all the opportunities in high school and college as you never know where it might lead you. Your experiences will tell a story about you. Don’t understand the relationships you can develop with your professors as they can be an incredible resource for you.

Episode 43 Full Transcript

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