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Episode 41: Have Your Heard of Dormzi with Guest Sabine Rizvi



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Thinking of starting a company while in college? Think no further – Sabine and her best friend from home, Milan, knew they wanted to go into business together and once at their respective colleges, they decided to go for it. Join us today to hear Sabine discuss the origin of her company Dormzi and how she navigated the challenges that it presented. In addition, she will offer advice to current and prospective student entrepreneurs, guiding us through the start-up process and emphasizing the value of authenticity.




Key Takeaways:

  • College acceptance all works out in the end—even if you don’t get into your first choice
  • How to turn your college experience into a business
  • Don't wait until you ‘perfect' your product to launch it
  • Take time to listen to your customers, create focus groups, and make changes if necessary
  • Stay true to your mission
  • If you need to pivot, go for it earlier rather than later
  • Connecting with your community is key
  • Importance of relationship building in college
  • Be comfortable being alone


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Meet Sabine Rizvi:



Sabine Rizvi is a fourth-year psychology and business student at New York University and the co-founder of Dormzi. Dormzi is an online marketplace designed specifically for college students to monetize their unique skills, connect with fellow students and entrepreneurs, and build relationships with outside businesses and individuals. Sabine co-founded Dormzi during her freshman year of college and has been involved with everything from product development and business strategy to marketing and everything in between. Outside of her passion for entrepreneurship, Sabine is a self-proclaimed foodie and runs an NYC based food blog with a close friend.


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Thank you to Sabine for joining us today to share your experience as an entrepreneur! Dormzi was created by students for students. A marketplace to support and engage student entrepreneurs providing a platform for them to monetize their skills and create a conversation with fellow entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, take the time to listen to your community, ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to launch a product or service before it is ‘perfect’. Be open and adaptable. If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, please send us an email


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