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Episode 39: Calling all Student-Athletes! Wondering What To Do Now With Guest Chad Dorman

October 20, 2020

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Advice for student-athletes – the ramifications of COVID19 are still playing out now especially for the Class of 2021. With lost seasons, the cancellation of showcase events and invitation-only visits, no game tapes – what now? How can student-athletes approach the college admissions process if they are looking to play sports in college? A lot has happened outside of our control but what can student-athletes do that is within their control? Chad Dorman joins us today to share his insights and advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • You’re not on an island alone trying to figure this out. Everybody is in the same boat.
  • Communicate at the highest level. Ask questions. Contact coaches. Be in touch with admission officers.
  • Being a student comes first, so you have to be able to get into the school in order to play for them.
  • Just pick up the phone and call. Don’t have a script so you sound robotic, but be prepared to have a conversation with a couple of questions ready.
  • If you have an opportunity to interview, go for it. 
  • Walk on campus to see what it is like and use it as a fact-finding mission to learn more about that particular school. 
  • Ask coaches about their team, their expectations, their training philosophy, and what they are looking for in players.
  • NCAA Eligibility flexibility for 2020-2021

Important Resources and Links:

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Twitter @CLDorman84

NCAA Eligibility flexibility

Meet Chad Dorman:

A graduate of The Gunnery (Washington, CT) and the University of Vermont, Chad spent the early years of his career teaching English, Creative Writing, and Public Speaking before venturing out into the world of business to follow an opportunity.  After a time, Chad realized that not only did he desire a return to the world of education, but that he could take the skills he gained in the corporate setting and, melded with his education background, expansive network of contacts, and knowledge of the admissions system, start a business that would give clients the edge in their own applications.

Thank you to Chad for joining us today to share his experience insights, experience, and advice for all student-athletes. Remember to connect with admissions as you are a student first. Ask questions and contact coaches to learn more about their program, player expectations, training schedule, and what positions they are looking to fill. Anticipate the questions they might ask and have several questions ready to ask them.

Episode 39 Full Transcript

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