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Episode 38: Topics to Avoid in a College Essay with Guest Jaclyn Corley


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Jaclyn Corley, aka The College Essay Captain, has been a College Scoops supporter since we launched sharing her expertise in blog posts for College Scoops. Jaclyn helps students stand out from the crowd with a powerful essay. Oftentimes, students wonder if there are topics that should be avoided and that is why we asked Jaclyn to join us today. Are there particular subjects students should avoid? What are they and why?



Key Takeaways:

  • College applications and career documents are first impressions of applicants
  • Empowering yourself and managing your application mindset with Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)
    “You take you with you”
  • Communicating your value through college essays and job applications
  • Be self-aware
  • Think about the admissions reader
  • Red, Orange, and Green zone topics

Important Resources and Links:

Website: The College Essay Captain

FB: @collegeessaycaptain

Twitter: @Essaycaptain


Meet Jaclyn Corley


Jaclyn Corley is the founder of The College Essay Captain. She helps college applicants learn to write outstanding college essays while enjoying the process! Her signature methodology simplifies the writing process, so teens find clarity, confidence, and ease as they authentically share their personal stories with admissions teams.


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We hope you found our show helpful. If you are starting your college essay, be self-aware and thoughtful of the admissions reader as you decide on your topic. There are topics you will want to avoid. Focus on the ways you can share your story, your skills set, and your character in a way that will highlight your character and abilities in the best possible light. If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, please send us an email


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Episode 38 Full Transcript