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Episode 34: Tips to Strengthen Your Executive Function Skills with Guest Christy McGarry

October 1, 2020

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There are ways we can support and help students perform to the best of their abilities in and out of the classroom by modeling good behavior and role-playing. It is hard to get and stay organized or prioritize all the homework and extracurricular activities in a way that does not increase the stress levels. Ensuring students develop lifelong skills that will enable them to live, learn, and grow in the next academic environment is the goal of Christy McGarry. She joins us today to discuss how to prepare your students with the executive functioning skills necessary to succeed in college. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • Common executive functioning skills students need help with (time management, working memory, flexible thinking, emotional regulation)
  • The framework you use to help students develop these skill sets
  • Importance of role-playing
  • Parents supporting role in helping students thrive in school.
  • Allowing students to succeed on their own
  • Life skills that will enable your students to hit the ground running in college
  • Documentation needed for college
  • Colleges with strong support services in place for students
  • Open the lines of communication with your students
  • Tips for students to thrive in an online learning environment

Important Resources and Links:

Website: Propel Smart

Facebook: @PropelSmart

Instagram: @propelsmart 

Meet Christy McGarry

Christy McGarry is the co-founder of Propel Smart, an educational consulting firm for students of all ages with learning differences. Prior to co-founding Propel Smart, Christy spent 12 years working in education, granting her firsthand experience in adolescent development and learning. As a consultant at Propel Smart, Christy helps students develop academic skills and executive functioning, while also providing guidance on educational testing, college essays, and college and career planning. Christy has a BS in Psychology and MS in Special Education. She is a military spouse and parent of 3 kids – 1 with ADHD which inspired her to help parents with executive functioning skills at home. Christy enjoys watching students discover more about themselves and working with their families throughout their child’s academic journey.

Many thanks to Christy for joining me today. I really enjoyed our conversation and all the helpful information Christy shared with us today. Set aside time to talk with your students now in high school to learn what they are enjoying or struggling with. Open the lines of communication to help prepare them for college. Encouraging your students to solve their own problems and advocating for themselves are lifelong skills that will ensure their success in the future.

Episode 34 Full Transcript

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