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Episode 33: Everything You Need to Know About Applying to Colleges from Abroad with Guest Elaine Seremetis



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Are you an expatriate or international student applying to a college or university in the United States? Today, college consultant Elaine Seremtis will join us to answer burning questions regarding the application process specific to expatriates and international students. As an expatriate herself, Elaine has firsthand experience with all of the tips and tricks that will help you get ahead on your college admissions process. From the necessary paperwork to helpful resources, Elaine provides essential insights that will enable you to tackle U.S. applications from abroad.




Key Takeaways:

  • How admissions officers categorize expat students when reviewing applications and financial aid
  • What to do if the country in which you live does not have opportunities for career experience: online opportunities, U.S. travel, and finding practical experience in your country
  • If you are abroad, you may have…limited opportunities, so the earlier you can…plan for what you may need for your application, the better you will be to actually do something about it
  • Tips for international students and expatriates applying to universities in the United States
    How to bring out intangible skills on your application
  • When searching for colleges, look for the percentage of international students and support services for international students
  • Reach out to your regional advisor and inquire about international student services, orientation, and financial aid
  • The challenges of studying in a different country
  • Necessary paperwork for international applicants to U.S. universities
  • Break down of financial aid for international applicants to U.S. universities

Important Resources and Links:



Facebook (Overview of student visa app process) (Current information on ICE policies with regard to student visas)

The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition by Tina Quick


Meet Elaine Seremetis:

Elaine Seremetic is the founder of Uncommon Application Services, a college consulting practice. Given her background in domestic and international education, Elaine has the experience and knowledge necessary to guide and motivate students on their college application journey, whether that be in or out of the United States. After moving from the U.S. to Athens, Greece, Elaine became involved in her children’s international school, serving as a chair for committees on fundraising, policymaking, and investing and as a liaison between the administration and parents. When her older son started his college search, Elaine embarked on her own journey, educating herself and other parents about the college process in order to advocate for students in international schools. In 2012, while living in Dubai, Eliane established Uncommon Application Services. Since then, Elaine has worked to provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire college process, from mentoring early high school students to helping them complete their applications.

Her mission is to help students transition to college and empower them to bring out their voice. Uncommon Application Services teams up with each student to create an authentic application representative of their best self by helping them weave their unique personal narrative into the college application. The primary focus of her work is individual consulting for international and domestic students. 



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We hope you found our conversation with Elaine about international students and uncommon applications interesting. If you are an ex-pat or international student applying to colleges in the US, make sure to connect with your local admissions representatives during the college admissions process. Once you arrive on campus, there are resources and networks available to help you adjust to college life. If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, please send us an email


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