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Episode 32: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Essays: Painting a Picture with Lauren Dana


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“What makes my resume different? Will my essay just blend in? How can I stand out?” Every applicant has stressed and obsessed with these questions. Fortunately, Lauren Dana will be joining us today to share her expert writing advice, equipping students to stand out and present their best selves to admissions officers and employers. From resumes to supplemental essays, Lauren has the tips that will help you paint a unique picture and tell an engaging story with the written aspects of the college and job application process.



Key Takeaways:

  • Resume brainstorming and formatting tips 
  • How to create a clear, concise, and consistent resume
  • Painting a picture: how to transform extracurricular activities into unique and creative supplemental essays
  • Each cover letter should fit the prospective job or internship 
  • Connect with people who have your dream job on LinkedIn 



Important Resources and Links:


Facebook: @writeyourwayup 

Instagram: @writeyourwayup 


Meet Lauren Dana:


Lauren Dana is the writer behind WriteYourWayUp, an essay, resume, and cover letter consulting service.  Lauren attended the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication, where she earned a B.S. in Magazine Journalism and two minors, one in English and one in marketing. She has been published in Bustle, Elite Daily, TigerBeat, RippleMatch, Livingly, Zimbio, ShermanTravel, and more. Given her education and extensive writing experience, Lauren provides expert guidance on the written aspects of the college application process, helping students craft engaging college essays, resumes, and cover letters. Lauren provides clients with hands-on advice, assisting students from the brainstorming stage to final edits. In addition to WriteYourWayUp, Lauren is a freelance travel editor, social media strategist, and food and lifestyle writer. 



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