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Episode 31: How to be “U-niquely-U” with Guest Dr. Gena Lester

September 22, 2020

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Today, author and college admissions expert Dr. Gena Lester will join us to discuss her Online Campus program and the “U-Niquely- U” formula she developed when her daughter was applying to college. As a parent with a background in education and psychology, Dr. Gena Lester can provide a holistic perspective on the college admissions process. Tune in to learn how to present your most authentic self to admissions officers!

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Key Takeaways:

  • The “U’Niquely U formula”
  • The importance of authenticity in the college admissions process 
  • COVID-19 related application challenges for athletes and performing arts students 
  • EPC Challenge Opportunity
  • EPC Online Academy
    • Video Library
    • Monthly Q&A sessions
    • Online Student Forum
  • The Parent Playbook

Important Resources and Links:

Education Prep Center Website

Facebook: @educationprep 

Instagram: @educationprepcenters


Twitter – @edprepcenters

College Admissions Secrets: Your Teen’s Unique Game Plan To ACE Their Applications and Get Into Their Dream school

Meet Dr. Gena Lester:

Dr. Gena Lester is a college admissions expert, speaker, and author of College Admissions Secrets: Your Teen’s Unique Game Plan to Ace Their Application and Get Into Their Dream School. She has been guiding families in education and college admissions for over 25 years. Dr. Gena is not only a thought leader in the college admissions space but is mom to 3 college graduates. Her background is both education and psychology-based which allows her to approach the college admissions process from a holistic perspective. She is passionate about helping teens not only find the right college but to discover their true passions, interest, and aptitudes. She is a professional member of IECA, HECA, NACAC. NCAG and TACAC.

Thank you to Gena for joining us today to help educate us about Education Prep Centers the challenge opportunity that Gena offers, the online academy, and the U’Niquely U formula. Students are all unique in their strengths, talents and what they can offer to a college not only in a classroom but as a valuable member of the community. The online academy is an online platform that helps high school students and their parents with the college admissions journey with access to videos, Q&A sessions and a student online forums.

Episode 31 Full Transcript

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