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Summer opportunities for students

Episode 3: How Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer



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Are your kids wondering what to do this summer? Many high school and college students are trying to find ways to continue to work, learn, and grow this summer with the effects of COVID-19 changing life as we know it for the moment. Schools are moving summer courses to online programs, athletic tournaments and travel teams have been canceled, many companies are recommending employees continue to work from home, and internships have been canceled or significantly reduced. As a mom of three high school and college students, I feel their pain and I know how anxious kids are to find something they can do this summer that is ā€œmeaningful.”Ā 

We reached out to Kate Sonnenberg, Founder of KS College Success, to share her insights and knowledge about summer programs, opportunities, and ideas for how our kids can learn, stay engaged, and maybe even have fun this summer doing something they never had the time or energy to do before.Ā 


Key Takeaways:

  • Tips for summer jobs for high school students
  • Get creative and pursue your interestsĀ Ā 
  • Virtual opportunities that matterĀ 
  • Top tips for college students
  • Volunteer organizationsĀ 
  • Get a head start for the fallĀ 
  • What do you wish you knew before attending collegeĀ 
  • Favorite dessert or dessert shop around campusĀ 


Important Resources and Links:

KS College Success

Adopt a GrandparentĀ 

Parker Dewey

Generation Serve



Meet Kate Sonnenberg

Kate Sonnenberg


Kate is a graduate of Princeton University and Columbia University School of Law. She also worked as an application reader in the Admissions office at Princeton University where she read thousands of undergraduate applications. She also volunteered for nearly a decade with the Princeton University Alumni Schools Committee and chaired the committee that interviewed students in Essex (NJ) and Hudson (NJ) counties.Ā  In addition to practicing law in New York and Seattle, Kate taught legal writing at the University of the District of Columbia David A Clarke School of Law in Washington, D.C., and English Composition at the National University of Singapore. A parent of two young adults – one graduate of Amherst College and a daughter who is currently attending Wesleyan University, Kate is well-versed in the college application process. Kate has recently launched her educational consulting practice, KS College Success.Ā 

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