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Episode 24: How to Write a Killer Resume with Guest Emily Weiss

August 27, 2020

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Emily Weiss, a career consultant and resume guru, will join us today to discuss techniques, tools, and advice on how to hit the ground running freshman year, how to transfer your work experience and life skills to craft an impressive resume that will help you stand out, and land the internship of your dreams. Getting a job is on every student’s mind. As a former recruiter, Emily knows hiring managers spend 10 seconds on a resume before moving on. Get your pen ready and take some notes as Emily shares her insights and knowledge with us today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Using the resume for any hands-on experience, not just work experience
  • Top 3 tips for college students their freshman year
    • Get to know your career center
    • Attend a career fair
    • Engage in clubs on campus 
  • Pick jobs that will demonstrate skills employers will value
  • The importance of community service 
  • The 10-second resume review 
  • Review entry-level job descriptions to determine if you are on track

Important Resources and Links:

Website:  Emily Weiss Consulting

Instagram: @emilyweissconsulting 

Facebook: @emilyweissconsulting 


Meet Emily Weiss

Emily Weiss is the founder and president of Emily Weiss Consulting, a niche career consulting firm, specializing in high school students, college students, and recent graduates seeking internships or entry-level positions. Emily Weiss and her multidisciplinary team equip young adults for professional success, offering a variety of career-related and personal branding services, such as resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile creation, interview coaching, professional network guidance, application navigation, and elevator pitches. Given her background in recruiting, marketing, public relations, and advertising, Emily Weiss provides an all-inclusive approach to personal branding and professional development for students and post-graduates. 

Many thanks to Emily for joining me today. I really enjoyed our conversation and all the helpful information Emily shared with us today on how to write a cover letter and resume. Go to a career fair, introduce yourself to the career center as a freshman, and research the companies you contact. 

Episode 24 Full Transcript

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