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Episode 2: How to Live Your College Admissions Story

May 21, 2020

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The thought of writing your college essay can be a daunting and unnerving task for everyone involved. How does one even start? What should the focus be? How can we as parents and educators help our students to delve deep and find the confidence and courage to write an essay that will convince someone to advocate for them in the admissions process?

Our guest shares his insight on how to go about writing your story. Hamada Zahawi helps students craft their narratives in an authentic, creative, and brave voice that reflects their true selves.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to live your story
  • How to write your story
  • The importance of researching past essay topics
  • How and why you should document your experiences
  • The Compass Method
  • Stress testing Ideas
  • Top 3 tips for writing your personal statement
  • The strategy to tackle supplemental essays

Important Resources and Links:

Write Track Admissions

Compass (College Orientation and Mentorship Pre-Application Services)

Write Track Admissions: Facebook, IG, Twitter


Meet Hamada Zahawi 

Hamada Zahawi

Hamada has written many college essays himself as he is a graduate of UCLA, University of Cambridge, Berkeley Law, and Harvard University. He is also the founder of Write Track Admissions which is focused on helping students and professionals to achieve success in their academic and professional pursuits. Write Track has built a company philosophy around the need to help their clients be authentic, creative, and brave. 

Hamada Zahawi was a guest editor for College Scoops a short time ago sharing his insights on How to Live your College Admissions Story by crafting an essay that truly reflects your unique story. One fun fact: Hamada is obsessed with traveling. To date, he has traveled to 130+ countries and attended 6 Soccer World Cups!

We hope you found our show helpful with a host of takeaways for your student and how they can get started on crafting their story for their personal statement and essays.

Episode 2 Full Transcript

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