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Episode 19: Create a Passion Project with Guest Julie Kim

August 6, 2020

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Julie Kim will join us today to discuss Passion Projects and how she fosters creativity, collaboration, and self-exploration in her students. She will discuss how she aligns students’ personal and academic interests to create tangible projects that resonate with those students. How do get a student out of their shell? How to reach out to experts in their field for help? Julie provides these answers and more about her Passion Project Framework she uses in her college consulting business.

Julie is offering our College Scoops community access to Julie’s Free Masterclass. You can register for the daily masterclass at this link.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a Passion Project?
  • The 4-Step Passion Project Framework
  • The importance of collaborating in groups
  • Why a good mindset is essential to all types of success
  • Examples of unique and successful passion projects

Important Resources and Links:

Instagram: | @julie_kim7
Youtube: Conquer College Admissions
Podcast: Demystifying College Admissions Podcast |
Free Masterclass, 4 Step Framework to STAND OUT So You Get ACCEPTED Into Your Dream Ivy League & Top-tier Colleges

Meet Julie Kim

Julie Kim is a Harvard-graduate college consultant, founder of Julie Kim Consulting, and the host of Demystifying College Admissions Podcast. Julie focuses on helping her students get into top colleges by strengthening their applications using her Passion Project process. Julie empowers and guides students to create websites, books, exhibits and other projects that reflect their interests. Then, Julie helps turn these intriguing projects into college application material.

We hope you found our show helpful and you and your student are more informed on how to create Passion Projects and apply them to college essays. Having a project that stands out in a college application can be really beneficial and can foster growth in a student.

Episode 19 Full Transcript

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